Top Selling Products for Military and Government Facilities

When it comes to working in the military or government, failure is simply not an option. Everything must be done at the highest level possible, which means having the best tools and equipment at your disposal. Although it is not always high on the list of necessities, having the right chemicals can be vital to military and government work. Discover some useful military and government chemicals, and find out how you can purchase them from Nx Supply Group to help in your operations.

Orange Peel Orange Solvent Cleaner/Degreaser

OrangePeelMany solvent cleaners and degreasers are loaded with carcinogenic and harmful chemicals and vapors. When you clean, you need a solvent that can handle the toughest problems while being completely safe. ORANGE PEEL contains no petroleum; it’s made with d-limonene, a citrust-based solvent extracted from orange peels. It’s safe, efficient and effective.

  • All natural solvent made from oranges
  • Contains no petroleum distillates
  • No harmful fumes
  • Cuts through grease, oil, tar, crayon, gum, adhesives, decals, printing ink, wax and dirt
  • Water-soluble
  • Fresh citrus scent

ORANGE PEEL’s Super Duty industrial formula cuts through the toughest grease and grime of all kinds. Use it on fabrics, painted surfaces, automotive interiors and other colorfast surfaces. If you need the ideal industrial solvent cleaner and degreaser, go with ORANGE PEEL.

Electro Advanced Safety Solvent

ElectroFor the best electrical contact cleaning and degreasing, you need something that is going to be high-performance and fast-evaporating as well as non-flammable. The problem is that many of these formulations contain chlorine and other harsh chemicals. ELECTRO Advanced Safety Solvent is the answer. It quickly removes the toughest soiling with high dialectic strength for safe use on motors, control panels and other electrical equipment.


  • Used by HVAC Maintenance, machine shops, utility companies, industrial operators, municipal yards, motor remanufacturers and marine maintenance facilities.
  • For use on generators, relays, meters, windings, production machinery, bearings and gears and motors.
  • Cleans up grease, grime, was and oil
  • Not for use on motorized vehicle maintenance and parts or on modern plastics.

When you need the toughest advanced safety solvent for electrical equipment, motors, gears and other tough jobs, go with the safest and most effective around. Go with ELECTRO Advanced Safety Solvent.

Game Buster

GameBusterWhen you need a product to handle tough grease and biological waste, you want a bacterial enzyme waste degrader concentrate that’s trusted, effective, reliable and safe. Game Buster Waste Degrader is a grease trap treatment comprised of millions of live bacteria per ounce. These bacteria break up grease and digest the underlying biological elements to remove it for good.

  • 225 billion bacteria per gallon
  • Maintain grease traps
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • De-clog and free up drain lines
  • No acids or caustic materials
  • Completely biodegradeable
  • Used by restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, water treatment plants and food processing plants.

Use Game Buster grease trap treatment on a regular basis to keep your septic systems, cesspools and drainage systems running smoothly. Ideal for drain fields, seepage pits and similar systems, Game Buster is the degrader concentrate you can trust.

Total Solutions Bulk Barren

TotalSolutionsWeeds and unwanted vegetation are a nightmare when you’re trying to keep an area clear. You want an herbicide that offers a total kill solution, which provides residual action and sterilizes the soil completely. That’s where Total Solutions Bulk Barren comes into play. Use where you want vegetation completely gone.

  • Provides long-lasting residual action
  • Recommended for use on non-cropland areas
  • Best used along pipelines, around buildings, industrial sites, railroad rights of way, loading ramps, parking lots, fence rows, storage yards and tank farms.

Total Solutions provides a strong degree of control based on the amount used. This non-selective herbicide will handily take care of all your unwanted vegetation problems. To get rid of weeds and intrusive growth completely and effectively, go with Total Solutions Bulk Barren.

Magic Wipes

MagicWipesEveryone has those times when you need a quick grab-and-go cleanup, but you want one that’s as safe as it is effective. Instead of a paper towel and harsh solvent, why not grab an all-in-one cleaning wipe that can handle any kind of cleaning you need? Magic Wipes are dual-textured with a smooth side and a scrubbing side for the toughest jobs. These wipes pick up dirt and grease and hold them secure so they don’t transfer to your hands.

  • Use for cleaning grease and tar from hands, tools and surfaces
  • Effective on coffee stains, glue residue, permanent marker, tree pitch, paint, caulking and sealants, pipe cement, inks and even gasoline.
  • Handy for removing odors such as gas, diesel and fish
  • Pleasant, sweet odor
  • For use by painters, masons, fisherman, car and truck dealers, manufacturing plants, automotive garages, plumbers, welders, utility companies, schools and more.

Each tub of dual-textured Magic Wipes comes with 80 individual wipes, which won’t dry out and include four skin conditioners including vitamin E and aloe, so they condition your hands while cleaning. When you need a quick, safe and effective clean-up, go with the wipes that you can count on. Go with Magic Wipes!

Purchase the Military and Government Chemicals You Need

Military and government work are centered around being the best at all times, and this extends to the type of products that you use during your work, including chemicals. To get the type of military and government chemicals that you need to succeed, all you have to do is partner with us, as we are a company specializing in supplying top quality chemicals for multiple applications. Contact us today to find the right solutions to your toughest cleaning challenges.