Top Selling Products for Manufacturing

When you have access to the right chemicals, running your manufacturing operation is easier than ever before. With NX Supply Group, acquiring the manufacturing chemicals that you need is as easy as ordinary shopping. We work with both public and private industries, and can outfit your operations with the chemicals you need. Contact us today!

Precision Contact Cleaner

PrecisionContactCleanerWhen you’re cleaning dirt and grease from sensitive electronic equipment, you need a formulation that is gentle enough to avoid damaging the circuits, plastics, paint or insulation, but is still strong enough to do the job. Precision contact cleaner uses a 3-way action to restore, clean and protect delicate electronics. It is fast-drying, leaves no residue, and effectively degreases and cleans everything from electric motors and relays to circuit breakers, instrumentation, rheostats and more!

  • Non-flammable
  • High dielectric strength
  • Residue-free cleaning
  • Fast-drying
  • 3-way action cleans, restores and protects
  • Use on relays, solenoids, circuit breakers, generators, starters, circuit boards, switching devices, photocopying equipment and more!

Precision contact cleaner is used by a variety of businesses, including telephone companies, automotive facilities, movie theaters, hotels, bowling alleys, recreation centers, vending machine companies, manufacturing facilities and more! Note that the formulation may affect certain types of plastic including PVC, ABS, acrylic styrene and polycarbonate. Always test prior to use.

Sqeeky Klean Deodorizing Grease Cutter

SquukyKleanOrange oil has long been known as an ideal cleaner that is safe, eco-friendly and an all-around outstanding solvent. Sqeeky Klean makes use of these unique properties to deliver a sophisticated surfactant system and cleaner which will clear up as diverse substances as tar, grease, mastic, ink and a wide variety of other stains and smudges. When diluted with water, this formulation makes an ideal all-purpose cleaner for home, office or industry!

  • De-clog grease traps
  • Maintain and clear drain lines
  • Remove glue and adhesive
  • Degrease
  • Remove tire skids, rubber and tar
  • Remove ink stains
  • Loosen chewing gum
  • Non-caustic, non-acid and non-corrosive
  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • Fresh citrus scent!

Forget about heavy chemical solvents like ketones, xylene or mineral spirits. Go with the environmentally safer, non-corrosive option. Go with Sqeeky Klean!

Nu Shoe Brake Cleaner and Degreaser

NUShoe_BrakeCleanerWhether you’re an automotive professional or working in your home garage, having a reliable instant degreaser and cleaner for brakes, CV joints and a variety of other garage maintenance jobs. Nu Shoe can tackle just about any kind of brake job, whether it’s a disc or drum brake, a lining, cylinder, spring pad or joint. Not only does it degrease, it protects and helps brake parts last longer and perform better. Even better, it’s totally safe to use on painted surfaces, solvent-safe plastics and all metals!

  • Dissolves and removes grease, oil, dirt, dust, road film and grime
  • Removes excess moisture
  • Stops brake chatter and squeal
  • Fast evaporation for fast repairs
  • No residual film
  • Non-corrosive and safe
  • No ozone-depleting compounds or trichloroethane
  • Safer for the environment – V.O.C. compliant

When it comes to protecting and preventative maintenance on your brakes, go with a reliable and safe option that works effectively and instantly. Go with Nu Shoe Brake Cleaner & Degreaser. Available in spray can or pail!

Extreme Anti-Seize Compound

Extreme_AntiSeizeExtreme temperatures are the bane of industry, manufacturing and heavy machinery. Friction and heat can wear down machinery and cause it to seize, resulting in expensive repairs. Extreme Anti-Seize Compound is designed to protect and prevent this exact occurrence. This extreme temperature and pressure sealant both lubricates and protects metal from extreme temperature damage. It prevents galling, pitting and seizing, reduces friction and wear, creates tighter and firmer joints, and is completely non-corrosive and safe to use with rubber.

  • Used by refineries, shipyards, municipalities, power plants, factories, heavy industry, chemical plants, food and bottling plants, steel mills, mining operations and more!
  • Resists extreme temperature and pressure
  • Guards against galling, pitting, galvanic action, thread distortion and seizing
  • Increases the potential for firmer and tighter seals
  • Eases disassembly
  • Reduces torque requirements
  • Does not fuse, separate, harden or otherwise stress metals, even under severe environmental, atmospheric or salt spray conditions
  • Effective up to 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Use on engines, motors, bearings, gears, turbines, compressors, manifolds, boilers, heat exchangers, exhaust systems, oil and ore drills and other forms of heavy and production machinery!

When you need to protect your engines, motors, and heavy equipment, there’s only one anti-seize compound you need: Extreme Anti-Seize.

Red Rooster Heavy Duty Red Grease

RedRoosterWhen you need a protective lubricating grease, you want one that will stand up under the most extreme conditions, remains where you put it and offers extended intervals between greasing. Red Rooster Heavy Duty Red Grease is your ideal solution for all of your needs. This grease solution provides 50% higher wash-out protection than most lithium greases, and has three times more additives, which can provide you a savings of up to 70%! It is ideal for boat trailers, tractors, construction equipment, truck and car applications and more. With Red Rooster, wash-out problems are virtually non-existent, and best of all, it’s effective up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit!

  • Resists acid, salt, dirt, steam, corrosion and oxidation
  • Lasts four times longer than standard grease
  • Almost entirely waterproof
  • Stable at all temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Exceeds Lube for Life specifications

If you’re looking for a single grease to use all year-round that will stay right where you put it, will shield out grit and dirt and carries the highest TIMKEN OK load bearing rating in the entire industry, turn to Red Rooster Heavy Duty Red Grease.

Get the Right Chemicals for Your Manufacturing Needs

If you work in manufacturing, then you know how often your machinery can break down due to wear and tear or built-up dirt and debris. This kind of breakdown can cause serious delays in your operation and end up costing you a lot of money in lost productivity and expensive repair costs. Instead of worrying about a breakdown, your operation needs to purchase the right kind of chemicals that will protect your equipment from failures and help you easily clean parts and contacts. Contact us today to find the right solutions to your toughest problems.