Top Sellers for Water & Sanitation Facilities

Working with water and sanitation facilities can be difficult if you do not have the right chemicals and tools at your disposable. In addition to employing the right equipment, you need to have access to the right chemicals that help you in both maintaining the usefulness of your equipment and give you the ability to clean your equipment safely. Learn about some of the best commercial chemicals and find out how you can get access to them through NX Supply Group.

Citrus Attack Accelerated Orange Cleaner 

CitrusAttackOrange oil is an outstanding cleaning and degreasing agent, which is all-natural. Citrus Attack Accelerated Orange Cleaner is a concentrated grease and grime remover that is concentrated, multi-purpose, industrial strength and highly alkaline. It applies the power of orange oil to create a cleaner and degreaser that is second to none as well as biodegradable to protect the environment. It’s outstanding at removing heavy oil and grease buildups and it penetrates and removes grease, wax, gum, dirt, ink, oil and lipstick from hard surfaces.

  • Use on hard surfaces, conveyors, machinery, automatic scrubbers, pressure washers, air filters and more
  • Outperforms many industrial cleaners
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-abrasive
  • Penetrates, breaks up and emulsifies oil, grease and dirt
  • Free-rinsing in any temperature or hardness of water
  • No filmy residue
  • Fresh citrus fragrance

Citrus Attack is available in gallons, pails and drums, and at a 75:1 dilution ratio will last a long time. If you need the best industrial grade, eco-safe cleaner and degreaser, go with Citrus Attack!

Jet-Away Vacuum, Sewer and Roto-Jet Detergent

JetAwayFor an outstanding degreasing solution with zero hazardous components, turn to Jet-Away. This highly concentrated solution with a dilution ratio of less than 1% is highly economical for cleaning out sewer lines, industrial vacuum trucks and roto-jet wash equipment as well as containment vessels, sewer and sump vaults, wet walls and more! It attacks and breaks down a variety of organic materials, suspends it and washes it away with ease. It is effective on:

  • Organic soil
  • Grease
  • Crude oil clumps
  • Scum cakes
  • Dried debris
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Roto jet washing
  • Clogged sewer lines
  • Sump and sewer vaults
  • Industrial machinery pits
  • Containment vessels
  • Trailer tanks
  • Lift stations

The next time you need a highly efficient way to break down greases, oils and organic soils, eliminate bucket operations and do heavy, industrial cleaning without hazardous components, Jet-Away is the detergent for you.

Sub Zero Freezing and Penetrating Lubricant

SubZeroLubricantLoosening bound parts is one of the most frustrating parts of industry, repair and maintenance jobs. You need a lubricant that will instantly and easily enable you to eliminate the problem and Sub Zero Freezing and Penetrating Lubricant is the ideal solution. It works by penetrating deep into the joints and loosening the problem fastener. This creates openings that allow the lubricant to work where it’s needed instead of just getting everywhere.

  • Automotive, industrial, marine and farm equipment maintenance applications
  • Bolts
  • Pins
  • Hinges
  • Flanges
  • Many other frozen and bound parts

Zub Zero includes no chlorinated solvents, is non-conductive and fast-acting. Sub Zero is ideal for the most demanding applications including rusted manifolds, exhaust flanges and excellent for use on industrial, marine, farm and outdoor exposed equipment. Whatever needs you have, Sub Zero can loosen the toughest bound parts.

Tacky Gel Lubricant

TackyLubricantFor the toughest lubrication jobs, you need a formulation that can handle the harshest environmental conditions and is safe to use on a variety of materials. Tacky Gel Lubricant is safe to use on most plastics, is effective from -30 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This transparent, high-pressure lubricant also possesses high adhesive strength. It is comprised of a combination of natural and synthetic agents with a high molecular weight polymer (PTFE), which makes it one of the most effective lubricants on the market today.

  • Long-lasting
  • Withstands severe temperatures from -30 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Prevents freezing and sticking of metal and rubber
  • Prevents corrosion and rust
  • Resists washout
  • Use on door hinges, open gears, wire ropes, cables, chains, sprockets, conveyors, manifold heat valves and more!

Tacky Gel applies as a thin, penetrating liquid and quickly sets to form a clear, tacky gel. For your toughest lubrication needs, there’s only one solution: Tacky Gel Penetrating Lubricant.

Barricade Moisture & Metal Protectant

BarricadeWater and electricity do not go together, and corrosion is one of the worst enemies that metal and electrical systems can have. Barricade Moisture & Metal Protectant is your ideal solution to protecting wet electrical systems from moisture. It is non-flammable, highly penetrating and creates a thin film which is both waterproof and inhibits corrosion. Its protective qualities prevent electrical discharge and short circuits. It is even completely safe to spray on electrical equipment that is energized or running.

  • De-moisturizes and creates waterproof protective film
  • Inhibits corrosion and electrical discharge
  • Penetrates through water
  • Locks out moisture
  • Protects from chemical and atmospheric corrosion
  • Restores electrical current to water-damaged equipment
  • For use on tools, electrical equipment, engines, motors, bearings, gears, relays, starters, generators and more!
  • Has been used by auto mechanics, servicemen, utility companies, marine repair, industrial plants, refineries, heavy equipment companies, railroads, trucking and shipping companies, oil fields, construction and other heavy industry.

When you have the need to protect your metal and electrical equipment from moisture and corrosion, turn to the strongest, safest option around. Turn to Barricade Moisture Displacer & Metal Protectant.

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